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20% Off All In Stock Cosmic Legions Until August 31.

**PRE-ORDER** Mythic Legions All Star 6 Deacon
**PRE-ORDER** Mythic Legions All Star 6 Deacon
**PRE-ORDER** Mythic Legions All Star 6 Deacon

**PRE-ORDER** Mythic Legions All Star 6 Deacon

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Product Description

The greatest horses of Eathyross are those of the Templar Emissaries. Before beginning their service to the Order, these steeds undergo an ancient ceremony at the Temple of Eathyron. During this ceremony they receive the blessing of the Golden Eagle, helping to protect them in the missions they will undergo in his name. The mighty steed of Sir Enoch, Deacon is the swiftest and bravest of all the Emissaries’ horses and is as much a symbol of hope to his Order as the pious knight who rides upon his back. Note: This is for the DEACON horse only. All armor and soft goods are fully removable and compatible with our other "horse" figures. Final image shows this horse figure minus those parts.

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