Space Adventures part 3

Space Adventures part 3

My rocket pack carried me to the struggle. A few men were drilling into the side of a mountain with a large machine. “Kanoxx, we are almost there. What if the gas leak gets worse? Shall we still proceed?” A green faced lizard man said to a large grey wielding a mace and wearing a mechanical eye patch. 

“Keep going you son of a valnar. We can't risk any more time loss. We are already over the date and Master Kurnn is losing his temper. Hey, Sphexxian, get back to work.” The large Grey said. There was a bug looking fellow holding the drilling machine and moaning. They looked like they were out there for years at this point. 

“Hey fellas, how's it going?” I said, tipping my cowboy hat as I landed beside them. All their eyes darted toward me and Kanoxx let out a roar. 

“Who are you!” he screamed, raising his mace in the air. 

“I'm your huckleberry.” 

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