Darth Malgus Black Series

Darth Malgus Black Series

I've been a pretty big Star Wars fan my whole life. Honestly, I have loved the old republic era most of all. A world with a sith empire? Sign me up! One of the coolest characters from this era is a guy named Darth Malgus. When I was a kid i had wrote a story on a star wars lego forum about Darth Malgus and his attempt to take over the galaxy. It was pretty sick. Truth be told, my custom Malgus figure wasn't the best. However, all of that is about to change. 

The new Star Wars Black Series Darth Malgus is probably the coolest figure I have gotten in a while. Its a larger figure, standing taller than everyone on the shelf. This is awesome because it just adds to the menacing look of him. It comes with a lightsaber, a mask, and one of the best cloaks i have ever seen on an action figure. This guy is truly awesome.

I couldn't recommend this guy enough. It just looks so sick and was definitely worth the buy.

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