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Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series Vero Atlas (Wave 2)

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Primal Series Vero Atlas (Wave 2)

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Product Description

Vero Atlas: Of House Feralist. Vero serves his House as both a skilled warrior and master of magic. With the valiant assistance of the heroic Pale and the legendary Tiberius, this mighty paladin saved the lives of countless innocent felines from the ferocious hordes of Baron Kah-Lee. As darker days emerge, Vero carries the hopes and dreams of his people on his heavy, heavy shoulders.

Animal Warriors of the Kingdom is an immersive action figure fantasy line created by Spero Studios featuring the many adventures of Pale, the white-fur ape, and his allies as they fight to end the reign of the Tyrant Kahlee and restore peace and prosperity to his home. The story features Animal Warriors of all shapes and sizes throughout the Kingdom and fans can look forward to seeing many more Animal Warriors featured in future waves! Each figures stands 6.50 inches tall and feature 26 points of articulation. Each Primal Series Figure includes several accessories with Add-On sets available for even more accessories. Heads, hands, and certain armor pieces can be easily swapped out to personalize your figures.

Box Contents

  • Vero Atlas figure
  • Spear
  • Axe
  • Pistol

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